Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shaker Easel Card with a Note: Merry Christmas

Hello crafty peeps! Hope you are enjoying your day :)
I have continued to work on getting Christmas cards done and would like to share another one with you today. Shaker cards are so adorable and I'm already a fan of the easel card so I combined them. The shaker card does not open, but there is a card for a message on the easel itself.

 A place for a message, gift card, or small photo.

I made both of my scenes digitally and then printed them out on cardstock. I added white glitter with silver flecks to give it that snowy shaker feel and to build out the back for the shaker window I used two layers of thin craft foam of which I hot glued together.
 I like this card so much that I sat shaking it to make snowdrifts this morning. So much fun :)

I shared a tutorial in my previous post on how to make an easel card. I didn't look/watch any tutorials to make my shaker card, but I know there are plenty on YouTube if you would like to make one and don't know how to.
Happy Crafting!
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