Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Look What Happened When My Crafty Side Met the Heart Disease Awareness Ribbon

How many times in your life have you heard that little voice in your head say, "There's got to be a better way to do this", and then you tried to do something about it? Well, I heard that little voice and then my crafty side went to work.
Whether we're trying to save money, find a more efficient way of completing a task or just feeling frustrated with our existing options, it's a worthwhile undertaking to work toward positive change. I was looking recently for the Awareness Ribbon that represents the genetic heart disease I have and to say the least it was a very disappointing endeavor.

Have you ever looked at "The Colors and Meanings of Awareness Ribbons"?
After I visited Disabled World and a page pulled from Facebook to see all of the ribbons I realized Awareness Ribbons are in a very sad state.

The Awareness Ribbon has become so overused that it's difficult to tell what ribbon stands for what anymore and it appears that many people just think of cancer these days, especially since each type of cancer has its own color now. There is not a thing wrong with these ribbons representing cancer or HIV/Aids or Heart Disease, but when those three things and more are all the same color they kind of miss the boat on awareness. The yellow ribbon for example represents, bone cancer, soldier support, Endometriosis, Obesity, and suicide prevention, just to name a few.

The whole point is to have someone see the ribbon you're wearing and be reminded about the cause you wish to represent.

A ribbon in the shape of a heart is very easy to understand.

There shouldn't be any guessing going on and not every person who sees you wearing it is going to have time to have the meaning of it explained to them. Breast cancer has been so well advertised that there is no question what the meaning of a pink ribbon is. Most of us recognize a yellow ribbon these days from seeing them so often on people's car bumpers and I think for most of us the red ribbon is identifiable as heart disease, but once you get past that, it's difficult to know whether you're wearing that ribbon to signify some sort of heart condition or just being pro-choice or pro-life for example.
There may be some other meaning under the ribbon color you wear for your disease that you do not want your ribbon confused with.

So as all these thoughts swirled around in my head I had to ask myself,
What is the cure for that? 

I think the cure is a new ribbon design specifically for Heart Disease that leaves little if any room for question. 
The design is very easy to make. Just wrap the ribbon around your finger twice and then cross it as you would the regular ribbon.

Let me know what you think.
The ribbon design can also be found on my other blog and on Facebook.  

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