Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How to Create a Craft Room that Promotes Good Health

Hello friends. I'm excited to share my new craft room with you. This post is not about keeping up with the "Craft-dashians". You don't need new furniture, in fact your furniture doesn't even need to match. You don't need to paint your walls white or run out and spend any money. This is just about making your space the best it can be for YOU. 

Today I'm going to show you how I made the most of my craft space for living healthier by creating an environment that promotes and supports both my psychological and physiological well-being. My hope is that you can benefit from the steps I took and begin creating your own. 

When we talk about health we often think of our physical health and overlook the rest, but when we learn about the impact our environment has on our well-being we can intentionally cultivate an environment that influences us in a positive way.   

I have been in need of a space that not only makes a positive impact on my physical health by getting me up on my feet and moving around, but happy place that helps me thwart the mental stress that comes with a chronic health condition. I set out to do everything I could to carve out a special place of which to take care of myself.

So let's get right into what I wanted and what I did about it!

The Psychological Aspect
The Physiological Aspect