Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Duplicate Posts: How to Not Display Your Community Posts on Your Google Plus "Posts" Tab

Hello everyone!
This is just a quick tip if you've wanted to remove and keep Community posts from taking over your Google+ Profile, but don't know how to.

I'm a blogger and like to share my content in Google+ communities. I also own a few communities that I post to. When I first had my Google+ account I quickly discovered that every time I posted a new project in a community my Google+ Profile "Posts" page would end up showing duplicate posts. I usually share in about 2 to 3 communities, but some people share in dozens of them and their profiles look like the photo below. 

Once in a while when I'm looking at peoples Google+ profiles to determine whether I want to follow them I will have to scroll past dozens of the same posts before getting to the next one and then the process begins all over again with the next project. I lose interest quickly and if I do, I know others do to.
 If you post in a community and have a blog, YouTube channel, etc, all of your posts do not have to be displayed on your profile to have comments and Plus 1s show up. Your Community posts are not gone just because you choose not to display them.

As a community owner I get many posts per week that are blocked from the community for me to review because they were shared so much that Google marked them as spam. It actually doesn't take a lot of sharing to have this happen and most definitely happens when you share the same post to communities in a short amount of time.

So that's another thing to consider when you mass post a project on Google+. 
How to hide your Community posts:
Go to your drop down menu on the top left side of your profile and click on "Settings"

On the Settings page look for the "Profile" section and uncheck the box "Show your Google+ communities posts on the Posts tab of your Google+ profile".
That's it! :)
Your Profile "Posts" page will now look more appealing and it will be easier for others to navigate through all of your projects.
Happy Googling!