Sunday, April 20, 2014

Butterfly Greeting Cards with Out-takes

Happy Easter!

It's a beautiful day here is western Pennsylvania. I got the chance to go outside and take some pictures of two cards I was so excited to make with my new butterfly punch. I decided to do one in pink and the other in turquoise since these beautiful colors seem fitting for the day. The only problem I had was the wind blowing which I'll share a couple of those photos as well. I hadn't thought about the wind until I was out there trying to get good photos and discovered quickly what can go wrong. The experience was both frustrating and funny. I had a good laugh once I was done and began looking at my photos.

One card is slightly larger than the other because I decided to add more paper behind the turquoise one for interest.


Now for the out-takes! This is what happens when it's windy outside.

I had my son helping me hold them up until I could get the shot. I took the photo without warning him quickly enough. Oops.

 So much for using glue bottles to keep them standing.

Darn it! In my rush to get the photo before the card blew over I didn't get my head out of the way.

Darn it again! My camera was too close and then the background blew backward just as I took the shot. Gotta love a challenge!

In the end I was grateful to have a few good photos :)

Happy Crafting!

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