Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ink and Hand Sanitizer Art

Hello peeps! Today I took part in learning from a live show done by +Kraaft Shaak. During which the topic was Gelli Printing and toward the end of the video, ink was used. I saw a video sometime last year of someone adding drops of ink to hand sanitizer (in the bottle) and I had tried it, but the colors came out very pale looking and I was low on ink so I didn't try again. Although the texture was really interesting.

This time I used a piece of cardboard covered with cellophane to give me a flat work surface, then I smoothed hand sanitizer over the cellophane with my brayer. Once I had an even coat I added ink drops to the surface. I placed my paper on top of it and used my hands to make sure it was flat and picking up the ink. When I pulled it up I was pleasantly surprised.

The materials I used were Tim Holtz Adirondack inks in Stream, Wild Plum, and Butterscotch and just a squeeze bottle of hand sanitizer.

The white showing is where no ink reached the paper.

Then I took these photos to Picmonkey and realized how fun it was to add more contrast to see details. Below is an example.

Try it out and share what you create.

Now for a little fun :)

Happy Crafting!


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