Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to Make Your Google+ Profile Show Large, Whole Photos


Hello everyone!

     I've been looking at a lot of Google+ profiles over the past couple of weeks and noticed that some profiles have large, full photos. I think full photos are a neccessity in #socialmedia where everything we do is visual. So my goal was to figure out why I didn't.

    Many blog photos shown on Google+ profiles only show half of the greeting card, furniture piece, artwork, whatever you've shared. The only way for people to see the rest of the photo is to click on it and be taken to the your blog. Now I suppose this could be a way of getting people to visit, but it doesn't work with me. As I'm scanning to see what I may be interested in, I'm drawn to the large photos that show the entire project which means I'm skipping over A LOT. Seeing the plain upper portion of a greeting card isn't very interesting. Having tiny photos to try and make out what I'm looking at is not very interesting either and is actually kind of a pain. I also noticed that articles without some sort of image to jump out at me don't get my attention either. Hence the photo I made for the title of this article. 

    Today I traveled around Google+ to see what posts caught my attention the most. I was also trying to be aware of what I skipped over, making sure to click on a photo that I would normally pass by. One of the partial photos that I chose to check out turned out to be a beautiful furniture piece that I would have missed on the average day. Now this isn't the case with every photo that is cut in half as sometimes it can still peak my interest, but in most cases I keep scrolling. Here is an example of one of my own. Notice that it doesn't show very much of the actual card and when your looking at dozens at a time, your more likely to move on to one you can see.

     I also clicked on an article that I was going to pass by. There was no image or anything to grab me. Just a black and white title with a bunch of typing below it. The article was very interesting and I'm glad I clicked on it, but I wouldn't normally.

     So it hit me that I've been doing it all wrong.
I had no idea how to post full images on Google+. After some thought I went back to look at more profiles until I came to one with large whole/full photos. Wow! It is so simple! Once I posted something new on my blog, all I had to do was go to my Google+ and share it there too. I deleted the one that is automatically shared from my blog because I didn't want my profile to look redundant, but you can keep that one up too if you think it will double your chances of someone clicking. 

Below I've shared how to get those full size images on Google+ 
I clicked on the box that states, "Share what's new".

Next I chose to upload the picture I wanted to show from my blog.

Once I had my photo in place I wrote a little about what I was sharing in the comment section at the top of my post (above). Then I went to my blog where I could copy the link (below).


Once I had the link copied I was ready to paste it in the comment section of my Google+ post. 

After the link was pasted all I had to do was click share. It was that simple. I think the photos below are a lot nicer than the half of a greeting card I showed earlier.

Hope this helps anyone interested in improving the look of your profile. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

 Happy Crafting!

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