Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fun with Polymer Clay: First Try

     If I can do it, you can do it. You can free hand the shapes or use cookie cutters. You can push your rubber stamps into it to make an image or just about anything with texture. You can mix the clays to make a swirling looks or roll different colors together to make a design. You can make figurines, jewelry, beads, decor, embellishments for crafts, decorate picture frames, anything you can think up. I love working with polymer clay. These are some of the first pendants I made. I chose jewelry so I would have some new things to wear and also because I lacked the imagination to think of anything else. Oh well.

     When I revisit making things from polymer clay I look forward to making my own shapes as I didn't really go beyond the cookie cutter shapes I had at the time.

Polymer clay is a wonderful medium to work with since it does not air dry quickly, crack when dry, holds it's shape when working with it and is very smooth. Plus it becomes quite hard after it's baked and it takes mica powders and paint beautifully, although there are some precautions.

     I had a few charms which were my inspiration for the design of my necklaces and hair clips.

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I have worn the center pendant quite a few times and it always gets compliments.

Dragonflies are beautiful and I wanted to incorporate one on a colorful and interesting background. After some thought it seemed my best bet for making the larger background I wanted was to do a hair clip.

I got an offer for this necklace, but didn't want to give it up since it was the first one that I had ever made.

I would like to try this one again as it was not easy trying to roll the clay, loop it and twist it without deforming it, but I think it turned out okay

I love coming up with new designs and textures

I wasn't sure what I was going to get when I rolled some bits of clay into the black clay background. To me it looks like a shell.

I love trees. This is one of my favorite pendants.
The necklace above was some left over clay I had from another project, The black clay had groves in it and I had some rolled silver clay. So I stuck the silver clay in the grooves, rolled over it carefully and then cut the heart shape.
I was excited that a woman liked the earthiness of this pendant and wanted to buy it. Sold!