Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Helpful Tip: Craftroom Workspace Organization and Convenience

     Working on a craft project and tired of the mess it generates?

     If you're like me you work on multiple projects at one time. If I get stuck on a project I set it aside to work on another and return to it when I feel refreshed and inspired again.

     Place your loose items you will be using for a project in a container. Use one container per project to store items that you made for that project and items that you do not currently need for another. For example, I make a certain type of flower(s) and pick my colors and embellishments for each project ahead of time. Having those things contained and organized makes life a lot easier, because my work space is free of extra clutter. I still may need to grab something that I decide to add as I go, but I don't have to run around my craft room nearly as many times when I've got glue, tape, ink and everything else stuck to my hands and fingers. I'm also not looking for those loose items I've already gathered that end up pushed underneath a piece of card-stock or worse have fallen to the floor and are now under the wheel of my chair.

     When you're ready to work on it again, all the items you've prepared and made will be neatly tucked away and readily available. I place my project container on a low stand beside me so the contents are easily viewed, accessible and out of the way.

     I use a basket for items I'm finished with. As soon as I'm done with something I place it in the basket. When the time comes to place the items back in their original storage spaces it's much easier to have my basket to carry them around in. For this purpose, a small cheap plastic basket with a handle works great.