Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mixed Media Canvas Collage: "Junk Princess"

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I made this mixed media canvas collage for my Craft room to brighten it up and also to show that everything can be beautiful. Some of the items I used from around my home were an outlet plate, hair cutting comb, old hinges, scrap wire, puzzle pieces, scrabble letters, buttons, wooden cabinet knob, a spring, and computer components. I also pulled paper flowers I made, fake flowers, butterflies, lace, and gauze from my craft stash. I used the white gauze around the area with the words by painting it with Mod Podge and then bunching the gauze to make thick texture in an oval shape. 

This type of collage is a very fun project to do. You can plan ahead of time or just go with the flow as I do. I started out just gluing scrapbook paper on a blank canvas, placed gesso on everything, but the areas I wanted to show and then began placing my metal items, flowers, etc. Every time I wanted to add something on the top of something else I would paint some gesso on the bottom piece, let it dry and then use E6000 glue to hold them together. In the very end I painted just about everything with a thin layer of gesso and then I used Martha Stewart's Pearl Paints and some regular acrylic craft paints that I made into sprays to give the entire art piece color. When I used the Gesso over everything I didn't worry about any color showing through from the items I used, unless they were dark an ugly. For example, the original colors of the flowers looked nice muted with Gesso so I didn't have to use more than one layer of Gesso on them, but the rusty electrical plate, bolts and washers had to be covered completely.

Give this project a try.

Happy Crafting! 

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