Sunday, October 20, 2013

Some of My Favorite Craft Storage Tips Found on the Web

Better Homes and Gardens
My favorite is the heater vent to hold Stamps and the cup holder to hold markers since I've read that markers should be stored on their sides for longevity.

The Inking Spot of Crain Creations
The woman who runs this blog used a drain spout to hold her Copic markers by cutting the drain spout into pieces and then adhering them together. It's cute, a great organizing idea and the cost was under $10.00. If you don't own Copics, I'm sure there are a lot of other craft items to use this idea for.
This is for Stickles storage and I don't own any Stickles yet, but I own Adirondack Inks from Tim Holtz and this looks like a great storage idea for them as well. "Used 11x14 free standing acrylic frame, strips of Velcro, and Velcro dots on bottles. Will hold 44 bottles of Stickles."

I'm not sure what the name of this particular website is, but it showed that you can use a spice rack for your Glimmer Mists and paint sprays. You could also use it to store your acrylic craft paints and be able to see all the colors. Now I wish I hadn't of thrown that old spice rack out.

I saw something interesting in a used travel trailer a friend bought. There were small jars hanging from the underside of a cabinet. The lids had been attached to the wood with screws and all you had to do was unscrew the jar as you needed it. I liked this idea because it would be a great way to keep small embellishments organized and you can easily see the contents. The underside of shelves and cabinets are often overlooked for storage. Of course you could use plastic containers if you're afraid of breaking a glass jar or don't want to add much weight to a thinner shelf.

I have been working the past couple of months to set up a room for my crafting and art materials. I'm always looking for an inexpensive and easy to access way to store materials. I use a very inexpensive curtain rod to keep my burlap and wax paper on. Since the curtain rod does not have to be opened very far it is quite sturdy. I think the small shelf will get the underside treatment for my inks.