Thursday, October 17, 2013

Relax with Zentangle or Doodling

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This was my first Zentangle that I made a couple of years ago.

I never made a masterpiece while talking on the phone, but I always doodled as I sat and talked to someone. I found it relaxing to repeat patterns and then start a new pattern off the one I completed. Plus it's a very accessible art form since it only requires a writing utensil and something to write on which can be anything, especially if your using a permanent marker like I used above on a piece of paper. If you're feeling frustrated with a craft project or just need something different to do, try out Zentangle or Doodling. 

Note: Make sure that the writing utensil you're using has a fine tip. A fine tip makes it much easier to add interest, like small dots and lines for shading.

Not sure where to start? Try tracing your hand or a jar bottom, make a squiggly shape or draw a few flowers and then connect them with patterns like I did above. Check out the videos (below) that I found on YouTube. If I run out of pattern ideas, I just type patterns in Google search which gives me fresh ideas.

How to Zentangle

Zentangle Ornaments