Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Handmade Greeting Card: Let it Snow!

Hello everyone!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... 
This song has been going through my brain for hours. I just wish I knew more of the words so I didn't have the same few lines continuously repeating. Too funny!
Today I'm sharing a card that I made for Challenge 4 of the Sketches4All Anniversary Party. I love bling and this challenge called for it, so I couldn't wait to get started. I chose the sentiment "Let it Snow" because at this very moment all of the snow has melted and it's not looking very pretty outside, although it made for the perfect day to get the shiny embellishments out :)
To make this 5"x7"card

1. Cut a piece of white cardstock 10"w x 7"h and then score it down the middle at 5". 
2. I like my cards to be heavy-duty so I cut another piece of white cardstock at 5"x7" that was used to build my design on and then placed straight over the card base.  
3. I cut my blue cardstock mat at 4 3/4"w x 6 3/4"h. 

To make the three paper ribbons:

1. Cut a piece of white cardstock (3"x 5")
2. Ink an embossing folder with a brayer on it's debossed side
3. Emboss the cardstock 
4. Cut your embossed cardstock into three 1" strips
5. Cut each strip into five 1" squares 
6. Cut three strips of blue cardstock at 1 1/8"x 6". 
7. Space your sqaures down your strips to your desired distance apart (mine are approximately an 8th of an inch apart with only about a 16th at the very top) and adhere them in place.
8. Cut three strips of white cardstock at 1 1/4"x6", (don't worry that you have extra blue and white cardstock at the bottom, this will be cut away.
9. Adhere your three blue strips with squares onto you white strips.
10. Cut an upside down "V" into your bottom square, as shown, on all three strips.
11. Tape your strips together overlapping slightly. I decided to offset the side ribbons at a lower height.
12. Adhere your strips to your blue mat (I just centered them)
13. Then adhere your blue mat to you white mat.
14. Embellish your angled cuts with gems, pearls or whatever you would like.

To make the sentiment/label
1. I used a Spellbinder, Card Creator die called Valiant Honor for my fancy label.
2. To be able to thread my white cloth ribbon though my label I used an X-acto knife to cut out a small section of the design on each side.
3. Then I added some silver glitter Washi tape to my ribbon and threaded it through the label.
4. I used the same Washi tape and a mini Recollections snowflake punch to make my silver snowflakes.
5. Once my ribbon was threaded through my label and I applied my silver snowflakes and light blue gems I taped the label and ribbon to my card face.

Your final step is to adhere your card face to your base card and your done :)
What fun is this!?!
 One of the winter effects over at Picmonkey.com. It's free!
Thanks for stopping by :)
Happy Crafting!
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