Saturday, February 1, 2014

Thank you Card in Chocolate and Pink

It's a dreary, cold day here in Pennsylvania, but I don't dare complain as I've been crafting away for hours already. Although I sure will be a lot happier when the sun comes out and makes picture taking easier. I took over a hundred photos of this card for a few decent ones. Thank goodness for digital cameras. I would be in big trouble if we were still dependent on rolls of film.

No sunlight in the windows led me to very tired arms; one holding the light up in the air and the other trying to steady the camera and push the button. We sure do go through a lot for a decent photo. I'm already planning on taking new photos when the sun returns one of these days, but I was too excited to wait. So here's my latest card.

 To make the tree I used the same die twice; once with the brown paper and then with the pink. I glued the two trees together slightly off center to let the pink peak out from behind on one side of it. The effect is gorgeous, especially in these two colors.

Happy Crafting!