Thursday, February 6, 2014

Make a Photo Appear Larger for a Scrapbook Layout Design

Hello! Just a quick tip that may help you out one day when you want to do a layout of which your photo peeks out in different spots or is just too small for your design.

Sometimes the design of a layout calls for a larger photo (one that encompasses a wider or taller background view). When I made my layout I was using an inspiration piece (below) to design it from. In the inspiration piece there are three cog-like decorations on the wall. I wanted to incorporate these somehow into my layout.

I decided to use them on the blind of my window.

The actual photo stops where I have drawn the red line.

This caused a problem. I had already cut three holes out of my blind. I wanted the cogs to surround them and since I had the blind partially covering what was suppose to be the continuance of a glass window there was nothing behind the holes but white paper. 

Sure I could have ignored it or filled the holes, but there was another choice that was as easy and would allow me to get the look I wanted. I printed the same photo again and then just cut three small portions from it that I felt would look realistic behind the holes. The trickiest one was the hole on the left that would still show the tree so I just cut a piece with smaller branches on it (since branches get smaller at the very top of a tree) and made sure the branches were faced in a realistic direction when I glued the piece into place. 

So if you decide to do a layout that will require your photo to "appear" larger, there is a way to do it.

Happy crafting!