Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sweet Dreams Canvas Collage

Hello everyone! Just a quick note: I think my camera is biting the dust. The lens gets stuck every time I turn it on and when it's shut down and is supposed to retract. Looks like it's time to get the camera I didn't get for Christmas. I got a video camera instead, so can't complain too much. :)

At 22x18, this is a huge piece and I had trouble getting it all in the camera and keeping it focused. I created this for a special little girl to hang in her room. The framed words are a bedtime poem that my mother recited to me every night from the time I was born. In fact I think it's why I could talk in full sentences by two years old because I was reciting it as well between two and three years old. To say the least this poem means a lot to me and I thought it would be great for a canvas collage. I wanted a lot of layers and things to look at. I also wanted it to have kind a hint of a seventies feeling with the orange and green colors and funny cut-out flowers. Don't know if I pulled it off though.

I used upholstery material for the leaves, a real tree branch and used paper to make the flowers of which I sprayed with homemade paint sprays then edged with ink. I used a popcycle stick to support the nest.

Along the left side I used a strip of wall border wallpaper. I also integrated an old book page about flowers and then used modeling paste to overlay some white flowers on the floral scrapbook paper.


Hope you like it. Happy Crafting!