Monday, January 20, 2014

Handmade Card for that Special Someone with Flip Down Sentiment

I can't help but laugh as I write this.
Some crafters will go to great lengths for a decent photo of their latest creation. It's very dark in my house even with the curtains open since it's a dreary, snowy day today in Pennsylvania. This afternoon I braved the cold and snow just so I could get enough light to say, "Hey, look at what I created". After freezing, because I didn't think it would take long enough to worry about putting on a coat, I slipped as I tried to move quickly back into my house. I'm fine, but the funny part was that I realized I was holding my card in the air so it wouldn't get ruined and my camera was laying on the ground (my camera is fine too). You have to have priorities. So after all that, I present to you my latest card with a flip down front to show the sentiment.

Hey, Look at what I created!

Happy Crafting!