Wednesday, January 8, 2014

30 Signs You're Addicted to Paper Crafts

  1. Your desk is known to be covered with scrap pieces of paper and material and there is a ring around your chair that looks just like the surface of your desk.
  2. You have partial lines of double-sided tape stuck on your desk.
  3. You don't throw anything away because you see a creative purpose for it.
  4. Your glue and tape collection has become so large you use a container to organize them.
  5. You have pride in the little containers you found to store your beads, pearls and buttons.
  6. You've daydreamed about making a craft video and placing it on YouTube if you haven't already.
  7. You love collecting fake flowers so you can rip them apart and make your own cute flowers.
  8. Your prize possessions are your hot glue gun, scoring board, Xacto knife and heat tool.
  9. You're excited when you get more rolls of tape. In fact when you're in need, tape is a perfectly acceptable Christmas gift to receive. 
  10. Your eyes light up, like a guy looking at a new sports car, when you buy a die-cutting machine and every time you get something new to go with it.
  11. You've not only taken the time to organize your ink and stamps, but you've built your own storage unit.
  12. You have curtain rods hung on your walls with ribbon, wax paper, lace and burlap hanging from them.
  13. Your craft storage boxes are labeled because you have so many.
  14. You can spend and entire day walking around Micheal's, Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby and still feel like you're being ripped away when you have to leave.
  15. Thrift shopping has become even more fun with all the new crafts you've learned to do.
  16. YouTube tutorials have replaced television and you cannot get enough of them.
  17. You've started your own blog so you can share your creations with the world.
  18. You have multiple pairs of scissors and specific uses for each pair.
  19. You freak out like your dad did over someone touching his tools when someone touches your special markers.
  20. Having every type of paint brush and sponge brush makes you feel good.
  21. Not only have you organized all of your paper by color, but you have organized your scrap pieces of paper too.
  22. You've saved the hard plastic covers from foods and craft essentials because you know what to use them for.
  23. People often look at what you have used to make something and say, "I would have never thought off that".
  24. You find inspiration by following every online Arts and Crafts blog you can find.
  25. When you get stuck on a project you just put it aside and start a new one, knowing that something new will refresh your creativity.
  26. Your room seems to constantly get smaller as you need more room for finished projects and new craft "essentials".
  27. You have to remind yourself while working on a project to eat and get up and move.
  28. Filing cabinets and dresser drawers no longer hold just bills and clothes.
  29. Seeing someone on Youtube do something smart that you haven't thought of (like storing embossing powder in a container with a spoon) gets you excited.
  30. You, too often, find yourself trying to save your project from your tape sticking one piece to another in the wrong position, end up with glue where glue should never be and get tired of picking off hairs from your projects that fall out of cheap paint brushes.
  31. Bonus - Making a list called, "30 Signs You're Addicted to Paper Crafts" makes you laugh because you know there are many people who will connect with it.
Happy Crafting!

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