Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Inspirational and Colorful Layout Challenge New Year 2014

Hello fellow crafters! I'm very excited because I just took part in my first blog challenge. 

Being a newbie to the craft scene here online I recently stumbled across Creative Embellishments and quickly became a fan of their chipboard, wood veneers and stamps which have amazing detail. Check out this next link to see one of their products which is definitely on the list of my favorites Feathers.

So here it is! My first challenge layout and wow is it colorful!
I made this inspiration piece to represent my love for and dedication to crafting. I no longer work outside the home and my youngest is almost an adult. Now, I finally have time for ME. The small star rests and pushes down the C which represents crafts. The pulled back triangular pieces of black glitter paper that make a sun shape represent that I've broken out of my past routines and I'm now fully pursuing my dreams; a bright sunny future. "Reaching for the Stars" means to me that I will pursue my dreams uninhibited. I wanted the look of celebration because that's is truly how I feel. I'm doing something I love and it's good for my personal growth.

The challenge piece (below) is so colorful with so many details to work with. As my handmade inspiration for the rest of the year I wanted to capture the colors and glittery shine. I like things that sparkle. The black glitter card-stock that I used in my piece is absolutely gorgeous.

Creative Embellishments
January Challenge Inspiration Piece

The back of the glitter card-stock is white so I used Adirondack Alcohol Ink in Butterscotch, Stream and Wild Plum to make it colorful. To get the ink to spread I placed a drop on the paper and then blew on it through a straw. I placed some loosely quilled circles underneath the words.

For the scalloped edges I used a Martha Stewart border punch and then placed blue ribbon over it. To give the flowers a glittery center I cut circles out of foam Valentines Day hearts. Each triangular piece was glued down and then a bead was glued to it.

To give my layout a celebratory feel I used quilling paper to make the springy curls. The large star is chipboard covered with white textured card-stock and the small star is the leftover card-stock cut from the center of the large star.

Happy Crafting!