Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DIY Air Freshener: Orange and Clove Pomander Balls

Hello everyone!
Today I'm sharing a quick craft to make your house smell holiday fresh without being overwhelming to sensitive noses. 

My husband is very sensitive, allergic in some cases, to strong scents like heavy perfumes and heavy indoor air scents such as sprays. Yet, even if you don't have someone in your home with a sensitivity, Pomander Balls can still be a great add-on to your holiday aroma. 
I had a few oranges left that were aged beyond wanting to eat them. So instead of throwing them out, I made them useful for the holidays.
All you need is citrus fruit, some whole cloves and a toothpick or anything to poke small holes with. I chose a knitting needle that I use for crafting and it worked great.

Just poke holes in an orange and insert a clove in each hole. You can even make a design with your cloves if you want to place them in a bowl for decoration. The oranges won't rot as the cloves will just dry them out.

After I was finished placing my cloves in the holes I wrapped my orange in some decorative tulle and added twine to tie it together.
Now I can sit them in a bowl or hang them.

Enjoy your natural air freshener!

Happy crafting and thanks for stopping by!
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