Saturday, June 7, 2014

Upload Your New (Made by You) Background Image to Your Blog

I'm done! Yeah! I hope this helps people just starting out or that want a more personalized blog.

This is the third part of a tutorial series

Now that you've prepared your images and have made them into a blog background, it's time to test it out. If you went in order of the blog series you'll still have your blog background open in Picmonkey to finesse.

Although this does NOT involve messing with code, I recommend having a test blog. If you would like to know how to make a test blog and make it private, please ask. It's very simple. 

1. Go to your dashboard by clicking on design.

2. Click on "Template" and then click on "Customize"

3. Click on Background

4. On the box that says "Background Image" click on the down arrow. A box will pop up called, Select Background Image. Click on "Upload Image" and then "Browse"

5. When you click "Upload image" your photos will pop up. Choose the background image you made or found on the web.

6. Your image will show in the box and will also show on your blog. If everything looks good, click on "Done".

7. You're almost finished. Don't forget to click "Apply to blog". Now "View blog".

Congratulations on your new blog background!

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