Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Update 2: Craft Room Makeover Series

Hello everyone!

I've been very busy the past few days and have greatly missed blogging and seeing what everyone has been working on. It won't be long now, because I'm really trying hard to get my craft room done. It feels like I've been working day and night. Being able to craft again in a new, light and airy room has truly been a motivating factor to get finished.

I've spent most of my time painting and have some left to do, but I've also been trying to get my craft supplies back off the floor and into their new storage areas before I start stepping on them. Today I thought I'd post some photos to show how my craft room is progressing. Sorry about the dark photos (again), but I've been left taking my photos in the evenings when I can't get direct light in the window and at night. I've even had to resort to the flash on my camera. Oh no! :)



Before and After

In the Before photo I was getting really tired of feeling like I was surrounded by junk. Nothing matched in color, all of my containers were different shapes, sizes and materials and there was no flow. In the After I streamlined my shelves with lace curtains to cover the plastic containers in the bottom and matching bins. I found cloth storage bins at Family Dollar (1 package of 3 bins for $6.00) so I bought four packages. To the right you can see what they looked like when I first got them. I loved the clean look of them, but they were just too plain for my girly room so I embellished them with lace, tags and the ones on the top shelf (not shown) with bows.

I also worked on another piece of furniture in my craft room. It was a queen headboard that I turned into a large desk. I like it much better now. Unfortunately I have so much stuff still on my floor I couldn't back up enough to get the entire furniture piece in the camera.


I gave my mason jars a makeover as well and bought a few baskets (also at Family Dollar) for $2.00 a piece.

I spray painted my desk organizers. I don't mind a little black or gray here and there, but these were an easy fix and they look so much better in the room. I laid the first organizer on its side to store some of my dies.

 I found the plastic casing of a vinyl window in the garage and the size was perfect to hold my Tim Holtz Distress Inks. I decided to glue lace on the front, because it was very scuffed up.

  I moved the pegs in my cabinet so the shelf would tip forward allowing me to not only see all of my inks, but easily access them.

Then I covered it all up with a curtain.

$$$ Spent
$3.44 can of spray paint
$24.00 Cloth storage bins
$16.00 small baskets
$12.99 Curtains (cut up to enclose bottoms of shelves and table)
$11.00 Satin finish white paint 
$12.00 Rugs

Total $79.43

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 Happy Crafting and Craft Room Makeover!

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