Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lov(in') the Photo Booth - Scrapbook layout

My daughter and her boyfriend have been together well over a year now. Although as a parent you hope that your daughter doesn't get too serious at a young age, he has been nothing but wonderful to her and for her. She smiles more. Her grades are awesome (honors) since she started spending time with him. She's just happy and of all the young men he's definitely one of the good ones. So how can I not support that? :)

I made this for the Memory Nest February Challenge, but I also wanted to make something special for my daughter. I left space on the booth so she can do some journaling if she wants to. I also decided, since going to the mall and getting their photos taken in the photo booth has become "their thing", that I should recreate the photo booth for their pictures.

Happy Crafting!