Thursday, December 19, 2013

Handmade Flowers

Handmade lace, ribbon and cheesecloth flowers and other embellishments to use in craft projects such as... 
  • mini albums 
  • scrapbooks 
  • art journals
  • altered frames and boxes 
  • mixed media collages 
  • hair accessories 
  • prom and wedding arrangements
  ...and just about anything else.

I love making my own flowers, especially flowers that are just plain cute. I've included links below to some of the best flower making tutorials I've found on the web. My favorite flowers and projects have come from Jennings644.
Happy flower making!

Video Tutorials: Making Flowers
Shabby Beautiful 
(Lace Flower with wire running stitch)

(Lace Flower with wire straight through hem)

(Lace Flower - sew running stitch)

(Paper Rose)

(Paper Rose)

(Cheesecloth Flower - hot glue)

Thank you ladies for sharing what you know :)